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October 23, 2009 · By Deb Phillips - The Photo Gal · Filed Under Commemorations 
The West Side Civic Theatre reenacts the wedding of Lewis Case Laugenour and Mary Elizabeth Nissen. Celebrating why Lewisville is a great place to live.

Members of the West Side Civic Theatre reenact the marriage of Lewisville's founder, Lewis Case Laugenour, to Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Nissen in 1859. The onlooker in the foreground, dressed in period attire, looks as though he, too, could have stepped out of the 1800s.

Lewisville Celebrates 150 Years

On Saturday, October 17, 2009, the Town of Lewisville, North Carolina celebrated its 150th anniversary with the Lewisville Sesquicentennial Celebration at Shallowford Square. Members of the Lewisville Historical Society had worked for more than a year on the celebration plans.

Despite the cloudy, cool weather, the celebration began at 11:00 a.m. with an old-fashioned vehicle parade, followed by a variety of activities, exhibits and tours until the celebration ended at 4:00 p.m. Some of the activities and exhibits included:

  • Bluegrass music
  • Brass band
  • Square dancing
  • Storytelling
  • Wagon rides
  • Post Office memorabilia & the 150th year commemorative stamp
  • Genealogy and Lewisville history exhibits
  • Poster and essay contest awards presented to local school children
  • Nineteenth century craft exhibits
  • Flower show
  • Historic sidewalk tour
  • Old-fashioned children’s games

The Big Wedding

The final and defining event of the day was the reenactment of the 1859 marriage of Lewis Case Laugenour to Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Nissen. The talented members of the West Side Civic Theatre gave a most engaging rendition of the marriage, complete with children and the sounds of brass music by the Brookstown Band. The cake and ice cream reception following the wedding put the finishing touch on the Sesquicentennial Celebration.

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    Lewisville Roller Mills celebrates its 100th year in 2010.Memorial Day Service by American Legion Post 522 in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County)Lewisville citizens pose at the Nissen Wagon at Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).
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    Held at Shallowford Square, the First Annual Best of Lewisville Festival was sponsored by Karate International of Lewisville and MediaFit.West Side Civic Theatre sponsored The Pirates of Penzance at Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC.The Old Cemetery at Shiloh Lutheran Church in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County). Photography by Deb Phillips.Shallowford Square with a beautiful covering of snow.The home of Dr. Joe and Barbara Brooks in Lewisville, NC is surrounded by beautiful flowers of all types, especially daylilies.James E. (Jim) Munden, Sr. spoke about The Great Depression to the Lewisville Historical Society in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).Brad Craver and his sons Austin and Andrew shared about the Civil War with the Lewisville Historical Society in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).The 4th Annual Yadkin Valley History Fair & Conference - Transportation in the Yadkin Valley Before the AutomobileA redbird claimed his territory at the Veterans Memorial at Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).The Lewisville Historical Society sponsored a graveyard tour which included Lewisville United Methodist Church. Host: Ruth HartleThe West Side Civic Theatre put on a splendid rendition of Peter Pan at Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC.Llamas at Rivermont Llamas in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).The garden of Robin McBride in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County)The Lewisville Historical Society sponsored a Historic Graveyard Tour, including the graveyard at Lewisville Baptist Church.The West Side Civic Theatre produced the Hello, Dolly musical at Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).A beautiful snow on a barn and field on Conrad Road in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).Sponsored by the Lewisville Historical Society, a graveyard tour was conducted of six graveyards in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).New Hope AME Zion Church in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County) celebrated its 125th anniversary on February 1, 2009.Jones Grocery Store resides on Shallowford Road in Lewisville, NC, not far from the Yadkin River (Forsyth County).A visit to Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County) on a snowy morning.The Lewisville Sesquicentennial Committee and the Yadkin Valley Historical Association hosted an exploration of the Shallow Ford.Meet dog, Missy, who was walking with her master at Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).Oklahoma! was produced by the West Side Civic Theatre at Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).