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The Mill Turns 100!

October 19, 2010 · By Deb Phillips - The Photo Gal · Filed Under Events 
Photos of Lewisville Roller Mills taken in the 1970s were stamped with a special commemorative postal stamp designed for the mill's 100th anniversary.

Photos of Lewisville Roller Mills taken in the 1970s were stamped with a special commemorative postal stamp designed for the mill’s 100th anniversary.

A Big Celebration!

This past Saturday (October 16, 2010), Casanova’s Coffees & Fudge — now The Coffee Mill in Lewisville — hosted a party in honor of Lewisville Roller Mills’ 100th Anniversary. The mill was built in 1910 by J. P. Sprinkle and was purchased by my grandfather, Fielden H. Jennings Sr., in 1925. (An extensive photo history of the mill and the Jennings family can be found at Lewisville Roller Mills – One Family’s Story. The plural usage of the word “Mills” in the name “Lewisville Roller Mills” is also explained.)

Fun, Food, Music & More

With the backdrop of a beautiful fall day, the mill’s big 100th birthday bash ran from 1:00 till 4:00 p.m. at the site of Casanova’s Coffees & Fudge on the western end of the old mill building. The celebration also served as an opportunity to donate books and money to the Lewisville Library. In fact, three “gently used” books could be swapped for a FREE 1/4 lb. of chocolate fudge. What a delicious deal!

For MORE on the fun-filled celebration of Lewisville Roller Mills’ 100th Anniversary — including lots of PHOTOS — please continue to the NEXT SECTION. CLICK for more on the 100th Anniversary of Lewisville Roller Mills


Remembering the Fallen

June 3, 2010 · By Deb Phillips - The Photo Gal · Filed Under Commemorations 
Bagpiper, David Thomas, at the Memorial Day Service in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County)

Bagpiper David Thomas performed during Lewisville's 2010 Memorial Day Service at the Veterans Memorial in Shallowford Square.

Memorial Day Service

American Legion Post 522 of Lewisville sponsored this year’s Memorial Day Service (on May 31, 2010) at the Veterans Memorial in Shallowford Square. Hundreds from the Lewisville community gathered to honor the military men and women who have given their lives in service to our country.

The Memorial Day program included a vintage military vehicle exhibition and a flyover by pilot Bill Kyle in a World War II-era plane, the T6 Trainer. During the roughly one-hour program, the audience enjoyed special music that included vocalists and bagpipes, as well as a message by guest speaker Tom Summy. Members of American Legion Post 522 also served as the honor guard, the rifle squad and bugler.

Visit the Photo Gallery

To see more PHOTOS of the Memorial Day Service, please visit the 2010 Memorial Day Service photo gallery.


Lewisville Postmasters Plaque

January 19, 2010 · By Deb Phillips - The Photo Gal · Filed Under Events 
John Craft, retired rural letter carrier, presented a plaque honoring past and present Lewisville postmasters.

After presenting a plaque honoring Lewisville's postmasters, John Craft spoke with the folks who had crowded into the Lewisville Post Office lobby for the presentation. (Left to right: William and Sherry Beasley, Merrikay Brown, Doris Hauser, John Craft)

Looking Back

When the Town of Lewisville celebrated its sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary at Shallowford Square in October 2009, the seed was planted then for the ceremony that took place this past Saturday (January 16, 2010) at the Lewisville Post Office.

John Craft, a retired letter carrier, was asked several years ago by the Lewisville Historical Society to research and present an exhibit on the history of the Lewisville Post Office at Lewisville’s Sesquicentennial Celebration. John agreed and began tackling the assignment with his usual optimistic zeal.

Assisting in the project were Della Mae Franklin, Duran Stimson, Mary Alice Warren, Laura Conrad Huffman and members of the Lewisville Historical Society. Their efforts helped piece together historical facts about Lewisville’s postal service — which began in 1861 — including a list of Lewisville’s postmasters, information on the various post office locations over the years, and the role that politics used to play in postmaster assignments. (For many years, postmasters were politically appointed, based on the incoming administration’s party affiliation.)
CLICK for more INFO and PHOTOS on the Lewisville Postmasters Plaque Ceremony


Christmas Memories

December 25, 2009 · By Deb Phillips - The Photo Gal · Filed Under Life Thoughts 
Christmas wreath hanging in the window of the original Enchanted Cottage and Scrapbook Store in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County). Photography by Deb Phillips.

A Christmas wreath hangs in the window of the original site of the Enchanted Cottage in Lewisville, North Carolina.

Thoughts of Family

The final photos I’ll share from the recent snowfall were taken at the site of the old mill in Lewisville, now primarily occupied by the Enchanted Cottage, a popular rubber stamping, scrapbooking and papercrafts business.

My fascination with the mill goes back to my childhood, when I used to play there with my younger brother, Ed. Our grandfather, Fielden H. Jennings Sr., owned the mill. Several of my uncles and my mother, Grace, the youngest of ten children, helped run the family business for almost 60 years.

In fact, my mother was born in the old “cottage” next to the mill. A year after her birth, the family moved into their new brick home next door. (For more on the history of my family’s association with the mill, please read the article on Lewisville Roller Mills.)
CLICK to read more on Deb’s CHRISTMAS MEMORIES

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    Lewisville Roller Mills celebrates its 100th year in 2010.Memorial Day Service by American Legion Post 522 in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County)Lewisville citizens pose at the Nissen Wagon at Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC (Forsyth County).
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